Curtis Jere Wall Sculpture

Curtis Jere Wall Sculpture

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"Curtis Jere" is two people. Artists Curtis Freiler and Jerry Fels combined their names to brand the creations from their metalworks business Artisan House. Artisan House sought to provide gallery-quality metal sculptures to the masses, and Curtis Jere became a prolific name throughout the 1960s and 1970s. 

This wall mount metal sculpture depicts a cabin beneath the trees, complete with a path to the front door and a mailbox. The array of tiny leaves glisten as they catch the light of the room, giving the house beneath a homey, fairy tale quality. This sculpture is signed "C. Jere" on the roof of the house. It hangs on the wall by two small hooks on the backside. 


Measurements: 18"W x 36"H x 3"D

Condition: Good.