Rare 1938 Rand McNally 12

Rare 1938 Rand McNally 12" Indexed Terrestrial Art Globe

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A 1938 12" Indexed Terrestrial Art Globe by Rad McNally. This highly collectible pre-war 12" globe was manufactured in Rand McNally's Chicago factory. It is constructed of paper gores over a plaster core and sits on an Art Deco style bakelite base with a sculptural conforming wing. This globe displays the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, nautical distances, the International Date Line, and eight color illustrations of various exploring ships, including a viking prow, a Chinese junk, a Columbus-era ship, a Spanish man-o-war, and a Yankee clipper ship. 


Measurements: 15"W x 16"H x 13"D

Condition: Fair. Damage to surface as pictured.